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The Filmmaker
ASF is proud to be branching out into the creative world of moving pictures with the help of one of Connecticut's finest young filmmakers, Colin Russell. A graduate of SUNY Purchase's Film Program, this documentary award-winner has worked in the greater New York area on many television commercials and industrial films.
Colin's exploration of his own creativity led him to apprentice as a sculptor for 4 years, but his aspirations as a fine artist diminished in the wake of his pursuit of film. Colin's love for both art and filmmaking culminated in 1998 when he met renowned American portrait artist, Everett Raymond Kinstler and was given the opportunity to shoot a documentary of his life. "Through him I have learned more about art, life, and grace than from any other person."
Dianne Bernhard and the Art Spirit Foundation became a part of this project and are dedicated to the completion of the documentary by October 2003. Colin has subsequently began work shooting both a documentary of Herman Margulies and a series of instructional videos of the Margulies technique for pastel painting scheduled to be completed by December 2003 and released in Spring, 2004. The documentary will be released sometime later in 2004.